My 1 Fit Life

Local SEO, Responsive, Website Design, Analytic

AboutThe Client

This client had come to us needing help from an Expert. Fortunately, they chose us to do there website design and analytics. With great excitement we got the project rolling on a great vibe. The client’s had gave us a bit of direction to what they were expecting the final project would look like. From there we ran with some ideas and made them think they would not have to find another development/design team ever again.

This client wanted a little more than the typical basic analytics included in our projects. We went above and beyond to localize their SEO to the community they were trying to target. On-page, off-page and lots more to complete the SEO package, seeing results within months of launch.

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I had a great experience working with Design Web Labs. They were very professional and went above and beyond to make things work. They delivered what we asked for and more. Definitely would recommend them any day to others who need help from Shopify Experts.